Conditional Useof the In-Case-of-Emergency Card

Use of A Voice 4 In-Case-of-Emergency card and/or products does not guarantee to save a life, or locate or assist a user in a critical situation and/or condition, but that the likelihood will increase.  Members of A Voice 4 U agree to use our products and services at their own risk and discretion.

The profile of the member is designed to be seen when either a text message is accessed or scanning of the QR Reader, or going to the website and entering the members unique number.  The information for the In-Case-of-Emergency card is public.  Only put information in that you would want someone to see so that they can help you In Case of an Emergency.

Do not enter your social security number, your driver license number, home address for theIn-Case-of-Emergency card information.  DO NOT ENTER THIS INFORMATION FOR THE IN-CASE-OF-EMERGENCY CARD.

You can leave anything you want blank. However, we do recommend filling out the emergency information for your safety as well as your loved ones safety and well-being. 

The emergency Question and Answer form is personal information that you have entered voluntarily.  You have sole control of your information and you placing the information inside our system and agreeing to these terms herby constitute that you share your information voluntarily and you assume all responsibility for doing so. 

If you were referred to us, or had a product purchased for you by a company, agency, organization, or department and are using this account for your personal information, your account and information is still only yours, and controlled only by you and NOT for, or on behalf of this or any other company, organization, agency, or department. If you voluntarily allow the other company, organization, agency, or department to administer your information you do so for your own benefit and at your own risk.

By clicking on the box below you hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the A Voice 4 U In-Case-of-Emergency card and acknowledge that you are sharing your information voluntarily and you are assuming all responsibility for doing so.